Inductrix FPV BNF with Additional 10° Camera Mount & Free Additional Battery

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**All Inductrix FPV orders get a free additional 205mah 1s Mylipo Battery!

     Here's the Inductrix FPV! Inspired by the Tiny Whoop, this aircraft is FPV-equipped and ready to bind to your Spektrum transmitter. This little quad has a 25mw VTX capable of Fatshark channels 1-8 as well as raceband channels 1-8. The Camera has a wide 120° FOV just like the Tiny Whoop, and the stock motors are 14300kv. It will also come with a 200mah 1s battery made by E-Flite and a USB charger. 
     For those with a tighter budget I think this aircraft is an excellent option. It is a few grams heavier than the Tiny Whoop and the motors are a bit weaker. For those looking to learn the controls of FPV aircraft and enjoy leisurely exploration indoors this aircraft is a lot of fun!

    When you order this aircraft from we'll also throw in a 10° camera mount that will also shave nearly 1.5g off the all-up-weight. It's a very easy modification that increases your power-to-weight ratio considerably.

This product does not include a transmitter nor goggles/display. For a great transmitter option check out the DXe, sold here.

NOTE: A HAM license is required to operate the Video Transmitter in the U.S.

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