Mullet Mod Canopy in TONS OF Colors!!

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**Cameras need to be modified as per video below to fit the canopy**

Check out these ultra-light mullet mod canopies! I've been loving the mullet mod with the circular polarized antenna. I could slip thru a mail slot in the front door with this low profile, and my antenna seldom gets damaged or snagged on anything. The canopy itself weighs .5g. Special thanks to Chris and 100% Epic for this genius idea!! 

These awesome canopies are now available in 10 colors! These are painted lightly and evenly with plastidip, and the paint job adds only .031g. I'm choosing red. Because red is faster.

These mullets are made to fit the stock frame but with come clever fanagling they can fit the black frames as well. Just don't try to use the mounting holes on the sides as if it were a stock frame, the tiny holes will rip out.

*Tiny Whoop not included!

Here's his excellent how-to video: 


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