Mylipo 1S 205mAh Battery - Micro JST connector

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***Max 2 lithium polymer batteries per order outside US***

International orders with more than 2 batteries will be adjusted or cancelled

Weight: 6g

This battery is the standard for Tiny Whoop pilots around the world. The bottom line is - to carry the FPV equipment, the Tiny Whoop needs upgraded motors. To power the upgraded motors, the Tiny Whoop needs an upgraded battery. This is the best one out there.

Check out the little battery checkers we make to test your tiny whoop batteries! We also offer a 6 port charging board for these guys.

I'm sorry to say we can only ship 2 batteries per order internationally. If you place an international order for more than 2 batteries your order will be canceled and refunded. It's just the law. Sorry guys.

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