NBD 0802 14000kv Brushless Motors -Espresso Edition (4)

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The NBD 802 Espresso Edition motors are some of the slowest motors available in this size range, making them interesting for 2S builds, similar to the Tiny Whoop 802 17500kv motors, but even slower and more torque-y! 

Like all Newbeedrone motors, these use a jst1.0 plug and won't fit most flight controllers. They only fit Newbeedrone Flight Controllers, which I do not currently carry, but they do come with additional 1.25mm (Standard) plugs if you're ready to re-solder the wires from the motors to the FC. 

- 0802 Motor Size
- 14,000kv (Designed for 2s)
- 1mm double step Shaft
- Lead wire solder pads
- JST-1.0 Plugs installed
- 50mm cable length
- 2.08 grams each with wire and plug