NBD 0802 20,000kv Brushless Motors - Plaid Edition (4)

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The NBD 802 Plaid edition motors are the 20,000kv Newbeedrone motor, similar in speed to the Tiny Whoop 802 20,500kv or the 803 20,000kv, but with a slightly different motor design and have smaller motor plugs. 

Like all Newbeedrone motors, these use a jst1.0 plug and won't fit most flight controllers. They only fit Newbeedrone Flight Controllers, which I do not currently carry, but they do come with additional 1.25mm (Standard) plugs if you're ready to re-solder the wires from the motors to the FC. 

- 0802 Motor Size
- 20,000kv (Designed for 1s)
- 1mm Shaft size
- Lead wire solder pads
- JST-1.0 Plugs installed
- 24mm cable length