802 19,000kv 1.5mm Shaft - UWL 1st Edition - Tiny Whoop Onesies Brushless Motors

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Tiny Whoop and Underground Whoop League (UWL) have teamed up to bring you the ultimate spec racing and freestyle motor. However, this is a LIMITED EDITION collaboration. There are ONLY 100 sets of these motors being made. Ever. They’re all marked with “1” on the bell to celebrate the first people to ever get behind the UWL spec.

But first… WHAT IS UWL?

Underground Whoop League is the biggest spec in Tiny Whoop racing designed to be fast paced, easy to participate in, fun for spectators, and HD friendly. “Spec” racing means every pilot flies a very similar build in terms of performance and has really grown in the greater FPV racing scene. This levels the playing field, nearly removing the build aspect from the racing entirely. It’s not about who can make the lightest and fastest build. It’s about the race!

For more information on the spec, check out the official UWL Website:



Although this motor is specifically designed for spec racing, it’s an extremely versatile motor. I’d recommend it for:

  • UWL Spec Racing 
  • 75mm freestyle 
  • 65/75mm cruiser builds 
  • Your first whoop ever
  • 65mm builds designed for very tight proximity flying 

WHY 802 19,000kv?

Not only is it perfect for meeting the UWL spec, it’s also a great motor. Despite being known to many as being a less powerful motor, when used on a 75mm frame with the Gemfan 1610 40mm biblades, it actually packs quite the punch. The larger propeller puts out way more power while still giving you the efficiency benefit of the lower kv motor. Many pilots in our testing have found that building this way has resulted in a familiar amount of power but with roughly double the flight time on the track, compared to their 65mm racing builds. All the power, double the flight time. This makes it super fun for cruising, freestyle, and of course, spec racing.

1.5mm shaft?!?

The UWL motor introduces a 1.5mm prop shaft to help prevent it from bending in a crash while still keeping the Tiny Whoop signature one piece bell and PCB design. Based on Tiny Whoop’s most durable bell, the UWL motor prioritizes durability to keep your build flying through all of your hard crashes.

Motor Specs:

  • 0802 bell size
  • 1.5mm shaft for increased durability
  • 19,000kv for the perfect balance of power and efficiency 
  • Weight: 1.9737 grams (1 motor) 7.8948 grams (4 motors)


For years the Tiny Whoop Onesie has been one of the most reliable, durable and efficient motor designs. We chose this design after testing motors made by manufacturers of all micro motor brands. This design completely solves the durability challenges of it's predecessor while remaining very lightweight. It's the reason that the 2023 Whooptopia survey showed it as the most trusted and most flown motor by a landslide, It's the reason we quickly replace any motor that breaks when it shouldn't. 

The Tiny Whoop Onesie has always and will always tell the actual speed of the motor given by the manufacturer. Beware deflated numbers from other brands meant to 

PCB Solder Pads

Like all Tiny Whoop Onesies, these babies now feature the PCB Solder pad upgrade, which allows for custom wiring colors and easy repairs. To access the PCB pads (where the wires connect to the motor) just peel back the black silicone. I'm proud to brag that our motors were not only the first Unibell motors, but also the first to feature these solderpads. 

Tiny Whoop Pioneered the 802 Motor

802 size Motors are a big deal for 1s 65mm and 75mm Tiny Whoops. The wider, shorter form factor provides tons of prop authority, creating much more yaw control and control when you're pulling out of a dive, flip or roll. They weigh a fraction of a gram more than 603, but it's worth the extra control and power.

Tiny Whoop was the first to discover and release the 802 as a whoop motor.

Tiny Whoop Onsies are not to be confused with Tiny Whoop Onsies.

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