Q33 1:76 FPV Car ONLY

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 Check out this fun little FPV car made by Diatone! With this setup you will need a transmitter and goggles!

This little hotrod is meant for indoor driving around the house, and has fully proportional steering and throttle. It's also teensy weensy, at 1:76 scale. When you're behind the wheel, you will feel very, very small, and the world will feel very big. 

Although its not as popular as FPV flying, I LOVE FPV driving! Its really easy to learn, so its also a pretty awesome first experience with FPV. Pretty much anyone in the world can operate a little FPV car! Seriously, I bet your mom could FPV this car! 

Rather than stock every color of this combo, I decided to stock only grey and give you a deal on any other color car body/canopy! I highly encourage you to get a cheap White body and paint it up yourself!

With the FPV cam attached you'll get about 20 minutes of driving time, and with the camera detatched it can drive for around 60 minutes.

This simple little FPV car has only 4 VTX Channels, and for some reason they're all on the A band. Chances are great that whatever goggles you have are capable of receiving these channels: A1 (5865) A3 (5824), A5 (5785) and A7 (5745)

To go in reverse, tap reverse twice on the transmitter. 

To bind this car to the remote controller, first turn the car on, then hold the power button until it begins to blink. then turn the remote controller on. Good to go!

I thought this review was super informative!

Turning Radius: 28cm

You'll also need AA Batteries and some place to plug in a USB plug :) And Goggles or an FPV screen of course!


Q33 Karting Fpv Car x 1
USB charger×1