Redline Whoop V2 built by Ashton Godfrey

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TWR - Redline Edition is BACK! Hand-built by Ashton REDLINE Godfrey himself, the V2 now uses Awesome Sauce motors, and features 5 installed LEDs and a canopy hand-painted by Jesse Perkins!

The Redline v2 comes with 1 set of Awesome Sauce motors and 2x 205 TW HV batteries.

***These aircraft are Spektrum compatible only -
they will not work with FrSky transmitters****

Each one of these beauties was built by Team Tiny Whoop pilot Ashton Godfrey (Redline) himself and are built to be the ultimate Tiny Whoop racing machines. 

Here he is making them!

If you have been on the Tiny Whoop Facebook Group you have most likely seen one of Redline's videos of him ripping Tiny Whoop wormholes in the space-time continuum. 

Using the most powerful awesome sauce motors to drive the 4 blade Eachine props, this whoop is INSANELY fast through a race track. I've got to mention here - this aircraft will have slight oscillations in a hover at the beginning of a battery, especially if you charge to High Voltage like I do. Because we cannot adjust pids on what is currently the best flight controller for Tiny Whoop racing, we tuned the power system around the FC. To get the highest performance in high throttle, high speed racing, we chose motors that sometimes have these oscillations when you're hovering, especially at the very beginning of the battery. 

The most responsive and highest performance flight controller board for Tiny Whoop angle mode flight is the Inductrix FPV FC, which is the brain of this build.  It comes with an Fx900 camera (RHCP antenna) with a 30 degree camera mount for a steep flying angle. Everything is mounted to the super durable Cockroach frame

Nothing is more important than how your whoop looks, and with that these come complete with 4-white LED's in the corners of the ducts along with a bright Red LED headlight mounted on the bottom for a super cool under-glow effect, it also makes it easy for your competition to see you as you pass them 😉

To top it all off, it comes with a one of kind Redline canopy
designed by Ben Shepard and hand painted by Jesse Perkins.

Here's his process...

Included in this set we have added a set of the new Awesome Sauce along with an extra 205hv battery which we recommend running with these whoops. It makes it more agile and easier to maneuver through a racetrack.

Finally, here are Ashton's transmitter settings:

And here's one of his runs on the Tiny Whoop Invitational 2018 course - Ribbon Raceway:



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