Redpinelabs Funwheel Footpad

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Hey Guys! This is not an official TW item, this is a sweet product by my brother in law Bryce at Redpinelabs. It's a foot pad for people that are building custom funwheels, which are homemade single-wheel vehicles similar to the popular "One Wheel."

Custom footpad for your DIY funwheel by Redpinelabs!

These footpads have 2 sensors on each side.  The front or back side can be used depending on the pull down resistor on your ESC.  Velostat for the top of the sensor is included, with lots of extra included enough to cover 5 sensors.

If you don't have a pull down resistors on your ESC you can populate the couple pads on the footpad itself.

Experience and experimenting is required to make this work with your equipment! 

If you have any questions about this Footpad shoot an email to

For more funwheel fun join the chat at this discord server:

Video for my previous version of the footpad:

For more funwheel fun join the chat at discord:



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