Discowhoop RGB Addressable Leds

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 We bring you the RGB addressable LEDs, they are programmable through Betaflight and have been tested in series with 15 total LEDs. Each LED strip has 5 LEDs on it and they only weigh .37grams each. 

Very easy to install 5v max and they come with a peel-off sticky back to hold them in place as you glue them.

Check out our selection of compatible FC's that use Betaflight:

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V1 Crazybee F4 1-2S Brushless FC, RX, and ESC combo.

V2 Crazybee F4 1-3S Brushless FC, RX, and ESC combo.


  • 5x SUPER bright WS2812 LEDs per strip
  • Fully customisable in betaflight
  • Super tiny - only 30 mm x 3 mm
  • ultra lightweight - only 0.1g
  • pre applied adhesive backing
  • power efficient - less than maximum current 200mA
  • 5V power (can work down to 2.5v but recommended to work at 5V) 
  • 3 wires pre fitted