OuYang Hengzhi Leisure Snack of Corn Candy

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If you showed up on this page, you have an interest in corndy that justifies tasting one for yourself.

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Please enjoy this little treat as an add-on to your order! One per person per order, please! Orders that contain only free stuff are cancelled :)

While this candy might leave some cornfused... others, like myself, have always wished that the genius creators in the international candy-making cornmunity would work harder to bring us hard-corndy versions of our favorite vegetables! #amirite?
This candy tastes like corn in a way that is both surprising and disturbing. You'll be shucked! It's aMAIZEing! When I first tried one, I thought it tasted like those little hairs left behind on a cob of corn after shucking.

Did you know that nobody has actually finished one without spitting some of it out? Are you feeling cornfident? Do you accept the challenge?

Here's what OuYang Hengzhi has to say about it:

  • GREAT TASTE--Selected the raw materials, making by scientific technology, strong corn flavor, the flavor of childhood. 
  • LEISURE CANDY--Sharing such tasty sugar with family, friends or colleagues and then watching TV or talking about gossip/work, adding more fun to your life. As well, it will be a great gift for any holiday.
  • OCCATION--Such delicate candy will be the perfect choice to used as wedding, gathering, party or any festival candies.

Only one per customer per order please!