Spektrum DXe Transmitter

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If you're still using a toy-grade transmitter you have about half the control and resolution of the hobby-grade transmitters. This is the cheapest full-size transmitter for the Tiny Whoop out there. It is a 6 channel transmitter that uses 4 AA batteries (included) and feels great. You can even purchase a cable from Horizon Hobby that allows you to adjust a few features using an app on your smartphone, like a simple expo feature and servo reversing. I've never needed those features, myself. You can use this thing for all kinds of other Spektrum-compatible aircraft as well.

  • A LOT more control for precision Tiny Whoop flight
  • Throttle, Aileron, Elevator and Rudder Channels
  • 3-Position Flap Switch
  • 2-Position Auxiliary Function Switch
  • 3-Position Flight Mode Switch for AS3X/SAFE-Equipped Aircraft
  • Bind/Panic/Return Home Button for SAFE-Equipped Aircraft

*This is the US Spec version and Mode 2.  Cannot be shipped to the EU.

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