Squid Stick

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Introducing the "Squid Stick" ELRS Dongle. Are you an FPV pilot looking to upgrade your simulator setup? The Squid Stick, named after its creator ThxMrSquid, is here to streamline your FPV simulator experience and let you sim with the same radio used to control your drone!

The ELRSJoystick Wireless USB Dongle allows you to wirelessly connect your ELRS radio transmitter to your PC and fly in the simulator. Just bind your transmitter to it and you can practice wirelessly with the impressive range and latency of ExpressLRS.

Building upon the CRSFJoystick project, the Squid Stick streamlines your FPV setup by consolidating all electronics onto a single board. A firmware update from ThxMrSquid enables serial passthrough, allowing the USB dongle to mimic a drone during Betaflight Passthru flashing for easy ELRS firmware flashing. For more technical details, you can check out CRSFJoystick here.

Designed by Brain3D, the Squid Stick boasts a visually appealing translucent TPU case, reminiscent of colorful sea glass. It's not only functional but also an aesthetically pleasing addition to your FPV gear. 

Ready to elevate your FPV simulation experience with the Squid Stick? Whether you're a seasoned pilot or a beginner, this ELRS USB dongle offers a convenient solution.

When updating the Squid Stick to 3.x.x use the target:
Device Category:
Device targets used as a base 2.4 GHz
Generic ESP8285 2.4Ghz RX