TBS - TINY WHOOP Charger - High Voltage Lipo Capable

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It's here and it's awesome! The TBS Tiny Whoop Micro charger is the next best thing in the world of charging. This thing can be powered by your (micro USB) cell phone charger!

It can individually charge up to 6 x 1-cell micro batteries at a maximum of 1A per port, charging your HV batteries has never been easier! No need to wait to charge multiple batteries at a time, just plug a battery in and charging begins. This charger has both Power Whoop Connector (aka mcpx or JST 2.0) and Micro JST connectors to fit all your Tiny Whoop Needs.

The reason this thing is so wicked awesome is that it can be powered in 3 different ways.

If you are in the field you can use a Micro USB cellphone charger (does not support iphone charger plugs) or a 3-6S LiPo battery with XT60 connector.  It can also be powered with a DC power adapter (not included). Both the low-voltage cut-off and charging speed is customizable completing this awesome package and making this charger a great necessity for micro racing pilots!

This battery is for High Voltage batteries ONLY - Like the Tiny Whoop 255mah HV pack or the Tiny Whoop 205 HV packs.

If you're charging in the field, you may want to charge your Whoop batteries by powering this charger with one of the MyLipo Parcour batteries, found HERE.

Product includes:

  • 1x TBS Micro Battery Charger
  • 3x PW to MOLEX adapter cable
  • 3x PW to JST adapter cable
  • 1x Manual

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