Teensy Tiny Whoop Microfiber Lens Cleaner

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What's up Tiny Whoop Inner Colony!
Please take only ONE!

Welcome to another secret product page! This one you're allowed to tell 2 trustworthy, whoop-loving friends about - NO MORE! Please don't post it anywhere! I'll never be able to keep doing these if you squawk! 

But for your two (ONLY TWO) lucky friends, here's the link to this page:


This sweet little microfiber lens cleaner was made by my friend Say Andrea  and is the perfect way to safely clean your Tiny Whoop lens! They're about 50mm square, quite small!

Only add one to your cart, please, and only as an add-on product. Be advised, we will be refunding and cancelling any orders that pop up with only this item. Eventually I'll sell these as a proper product, but for now the first couple hundred are only 25 cents!