Tiny Whoop 1S Discharger Keyring Holder

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**NOTE** This is an add-on product only! You're allowed to add one of these per Tiny Whoop discharger you purchase. If you order more than the number of dischargers you're buying, i'll have to refund your order. Thanks for being cool about it!

Check out these sweet Tiny Whoop Discharger keychain holders! Printed by my pal Ethan at Micro Motor Test Labs, these babies make it easy to keep a discharger with you all the time or organize your dischargers so you're less likely to lose them! I'll also toss in one metal keyring per 6 dischargers if you add these little keychain holders to your order :)

Check out this little photo to see how the discharger slips into the keychain holder - its probably not how you'd think:




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