Tiny Whoop Brushless Racer Build KIT with 802 Motors

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Oh man, I know a lot of people have been waiting for this kit. (If you would like different motors please leave a note on your order and we will change the motors out for you as long as they are in stock)

Introducing the Tiny Whoop Brushless Racer KIT!!

     The TWBR is a little different from the other brushless Whoop-style aircraft out there. Since Tiny Whoop began in late 2015, people all over the planet have sent me brushless micro quads to test. Most of them felt heavy, uncontrollable, or used motors that would break or loosen too quickly. Our newest run of the kits includes our newest run of motors that feature a 1-piece bell design!

     To make a long story short, we decided thru tons of testing that the best 65mm brushless setup uses 802 motors on a 1S battery. For those of you that love that 2S power, this power system can handle it (tho I recommend the Moose Juice 17500 motors), you just need the frame that holds 2 batteries, available HERE Beta65x

     802 motors are slightly wider and shorter than 603 or 703 motors, giving them substantially more prop authority. This translates to an insane level of yaw control, as well as much smoother dives, flips, and rolls. The entire aircraft is much more under your control, and you'll feel it right away. You'll also experience a lot more power if that's what you're after. The 802s also retain standard TW flight times, tho the 22,000kv Double Deuce Juice motors cut flight time down in favor of raw power.

     The TWBR was designed for Acro flight as well as Angle mode flight. It's a great racing aircraft, especially with a throttle curve set up in your transmitter, which can help give you more resolution on the low end for altitude control. 

   Here's what you'll get in the kit:

1  - Happy Model all-in-one F4 Flight Controller/Receiver/4-in-1 ESC board

1  - FX950tw Camera Combo (camera, 25mW or 200mW video transmitter and antenna) and 3 camera mounts. This camera has the widest dynamic range of all TW camera combos and is very good at high and low light.

4 -  802 Brushless motors at 19000kv (other speeds available HERE)

1  - Tiny Whoop High Voltage 255mAh battery

1  - Tiny Whoop High Voltage 333mAh battery

1  - 31mm Gemfan 4-Blade Props

1  - 65mm 1S Brushless frame, made by BetaFPV

All necessary mounting hardware, 1S, and 2S Power Whoop Pigtails, Lens cap, 1 white canopy, Tiny Whoop stickers and of course some candy!

Build video is in the works now and will likely be done before you receive your TWBR. I think it's an intermediate Tiny Whoop build, with minimal (but tiny) soldering.