Tiny Whoop Hair Detangler Kit

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Aren't you tired of humans and animals jumping in your flight path and getting hair in your props! #theirfault 

Unfortunately this product won't help you, but it might make your wife, daughter, dog, friends beard, and Steele's mustache a lot happier!  

Proven to smell something kind of like strawberries, this detangling spray is pretty OK at helping unravel even the most basic of tangles?

Included with the detangling spray is a comb that has the word "unbreakable" molded into the plastic and we are 100% positive that if you test this claim, it will break!

Don't wait as this product is expected to sell out within the next couple of hours!! 

***This product is not to be used as a dietary supplement***

***You can buy this exact product (without the comb) off amazon for way cheaper!***

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