Tiny Whoop Headlight BLINDERS

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Some people come to the LED section here at TinyWhoop.com and just want the brightest darn LED they can find. Well fam here it is! 

These are brighter than the standard TW Headlights, each using 6 micro diodes to convert voltage to lumens!

These Tiny COB LEDs are extremely bright on standard TW voltage (1s power, 4.2-4.35V)

They're downright impolite to fly as far as i'm concerned! I want to immediatly go on the record as saying I do NOT recommend this for racing or flying with any other people. It's just too bright!!

These COB leds are exactly 22.9mm x 6.9mm (i think its supposed to be 23x7mm). They weigh approximately 0.4125 grams. 

Lights like the TW Headlights and Headlight Blinders make it totally possible to fly in total darkness!

They let you see maybe 6 feet in front of you when you're in the dark. It's amazing for tree weaving after hours, and the line-of-sight visuals of the beams of light peeking thru the branches if unforgettable. I highly recommend this experience. 4