TINY WHOOP HV 333mah 1s Lipo Battery - BT2.0 CONNECTOR

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You heard!!! The world-famous 333's are available in BT2.0 Connector! Faster energy delivery aboard the best Tiny Whoop packs on the planet.

But WHY?!

After extensive testing with Micro Motor Test Labs, we concluded that there is indeed a time when this connector is worthwhile. It seems to be whenever you're pulling just over 8 amps, which, until recently, hasn't been easy to do. If you're running very high-kv motors, like the Double Deuce Juice 802 22000kv, you can probably benefit from switching to this connector. If you're using low-kv 603 motors, this connector won't really help you, but also won't really hurt you. I will be updating this section with graphs and more info from Micro Motor Test Lab within a day.

Check out our growing BT2.0 section HERE

To my surprise these 333s are my new favorite batteries for Tiny Whoop. Made by MyLipo (one of the only honest battery companies on the planet) they are trustworthy and powerful. Even though you're only adding a little more capacity compared to the 255 batteries, they add a lot more flight time and considerable power. For brushless builds, these batteries are a game-changer. You're gonna love them.

MyLipo is known in the Tiny Whoop community as having the best batteries out there, period. They've developed unique chemestry for the High Voltage packs that you won't find anywhere else. After Tiny Whoop swept the world, LOTS of companies started putting their stickers on cheaper batteries and selling them at a huge discount, but as we've all learned, you get what you pay for. If you have an issue with these batteries, email me at orders@tinywhoop.com and i'll make it right immediatly. I guarantee these babies.

Weight: 8.05-8.25g

I'm sorry to say we can only ship 2 batteries per order internationally. If you place an international order for more than 2 batteries your order will be canceled and refunded. Sorry guys.

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