Tiny Whoop LED Headlights!!

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A whole new world has just opened up for the Tiny Whoop Community.  With these blinding headlights, you can now see in total darkness! 

Check out this awesome video by Scott Keatts, one of Tiny Whoop's sponsored pilots flying with a headlight.

Weight .35 grams  

Length: 14.5cm/5.7 inches

Each LED includes a presoldered resistor which regulates the voltage so you can solder direct to the battery leads on the FC. 

Recommendations: If you are using a clear frame like the Cockroach or the Reinforced Stock Frame you want to place these facing forward on one of the front outside ducts. If you mount a headlight over the camera it will blow out your ducts.  If you are using the black FPV Pro frame you can mount it right on the plastic strut between the ducts.

Warning: These are extremely bright and prolonged exposure can damage your eyes!


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