Tiny Whoop Carry-On Lipo Bag

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The Tiny Whoop Lipo Bag is finally here! 

Sure, most people don't use lipo-safe bags for Tiny Whoop packs, but they technically are required to fly on all airlines. Plenty of Lipos have been taken away at security checkpoints in airports around the world. Without one of these, those awful TSA employees with bad attitudes have every right to take your Tiny Whoop batteries away! Why give them that satisfaction?

That's why we made the Lipo Bag with the LARGEST print out there reading "APPROVED FOR CARRY-ON LUGGAGE" on one side. It furthermore educates the airport staff, explaining that "ALL BATTERIES WITH LESS THAN 100WH CARRY NO QUANTITY RESTRICTION."

I personally use two bags, one for charged and one for discharged packs, which I labeled with some red duct tape.

The Tiny Whoop Lipo Bag is top quality, approximately 5.5x6 incheswith a expandable flap in the bottom and a strong velcro flap that will stay tightly closed in your carry-on luggage. 

 Tiny Whoop batteries pictured for size reference.


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