Tiny Whoop Micro Heatshrink Kit

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Check out the new Tiny Whoop Micro Heatshrink Kit!

It was Jason Kassovic that pointed out to me that it's not easy to get reasonable amounts of teeny tiny heatshrink, so I bought a bulk and made some kits!

These little containers contain 3/32", 1/16" (in red, black and clear) and double the amount of 1/32" heatshrink, which is notoriously hard to find and the perfect size for the smallest wires. 

I've also included some tiny clothes pins, because if you're doing wiring, there's a great chance you're adding some beautiful LEDs to your aircraft, and these little clips make gluing and installation a LOT easier. I use welder glue to stick the LEDs wherever i want and then pin them down for an hour.

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