Tiny Whoop Racer - TWR - Bind and Fly Aircraft with Ultra Sauce Motors

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      The Tiny Whoop Racer (TWR) is the best Tiny Whoop set up for speed, control, durability, and safety. You'll find that you have considerably more control in angle mode flight - snapping to your desired angle much faster than any setup using most betaflight flight controller. It's the most control possible for racing and precision flight period.

The TWR is Spektrum-Compatible only.

Each TWR will come with plenty of extras.

We're including two batteries - one Tiny Whoop 205mah HV pack and one Tiny Whoop 255mah HV pack. You'll also get an extra set of Ultra Sauce, two other camera mounts (20° and 30° to replace the installed 10° mount if you wish), and a set of Tiny Whoop stickers.

    You'll notice slight oscillations at the beginning of your batteries using this power system. I chose a setup that has maximum power on a board that cannot be tuned, so be aware this is normal.

    Check out the collection of colors and patterns of the Stingray Skin Canopy Here.


Flight Controller

There are subtle but important changes to the latest stock flight controller. It's tuned for slightly faster motors, but more importantly, the angle mode (aka stabilized, aka auto-level) is now capable of reaching a steeper angle at max throttle. This means faster flight and more control, especially when you need to make snap corrections. With a computer transmitter and extended endpoints, this setup moves very, very fast. 



We've installed my ideal motors in this setup - the now-famous Tiny Whoop Special Sauce 17300kv motors. These motors are the fastest that this flight controller can handle without considerable oscillations. You may still feel a slight shake during a hover at the beginning of a battery, especially if you're charging too high voltage, but at max throttle, you'll understand why. The power is awesome.



Upgraded Pigtail

All TWR aircraft come with the PowerWhoop Pigtail installed. This is the new PH2 connector that has become the new standard after Benedikt Haak revealed to the global community that the original Micro JST pigtail was a bottleneck in the whoop's power system. That means you'll get longer flight times and more power.




Cockroach Frame

Is very strong and light, but also allows you to upgrade to 0617 motors later, like the amazing Awesome Sauce Motors



FPV Setup

The TWR uses the new, ultralight and canopy-ready  FX965 Camera With Switchable VTX 25mw or 200mw, Weighing in at 3.4g (reinforced circular polarized antenna) or 3.0g (dipole antenna) this setup is extremely light and small, fitting perfectly under our new Stingray Skin canopy. You can purchase the TWR with a standard white canopy if you'd like to paint or decorate it yourself, or you can purchase the TWR without a canopy and select one of the many colors and hydro-dipped options. 


Stingray Skin

The Stingray Skin canopy is the new canopy design by Tiny Whoop artist and musician Ben Shepard. You can choose to get the stock white canopy or buy the TWR without a canopy and pick one of the many other colors and patterns. It's beautiful. I mean look at this thing. They're available in a myriad of colors and designs here.


Camera Mounts

Your new Tiny Whoop Racer will also include two additional camera mounts for those of you that want a steeper angle for faster flight. The 10° mount will be installed and ready to fly, but you'll get a 20° and 30° mount as well.



This aircraft comes with 2 batteries - the Tiny Whoop HV 205mah and the Tiny Whoop HV 255mah. Both batteries can be comfortably charged to 4.35v, giving them an extra boost of power, or they can be charged to 4.2v (standard voltage) for more throttle resolution. Both batteries are made by MyLipo, the Tiny Whoop standard and the highest quality batteries in the Tiny Whoop world. 



When we hosted the Tiny Whoop Invitational 2017, 18 pilots traveled to Colorado from around the USA and Canada. They showed up with all kinds of flight controllers and motors, but after day 2 literally, everyone was flying this setup - with this flight controller, motor and battery combo. It is the choice of professionals. You won't be disappointed.


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