Tiny Whoop Flashing LED Kit

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That's right! It's just a blinky jelly ring and some wires and headshrink! It's the perfect build-it-yourself Tiny Whoop flashy LED fixture! I mount mine on the back angled slightly down so when I'm in forward flight it's facing perfectly backwards - it looks awesome for the guy chasing ya down. All in all it weighs about a gram, which is no problem for a Tiny Whoop Racer.

I use Welder Glue to attach this light to the frame or canopy.

This fixture will constantly flash three different bulbs - multi color or all white. It's not to be confused with the Tiny Whoop Strobe, which flashes a much brighter light three times, then pauses, then flashes again. 

Here's the Build Video to make it nice n easy - 

And here's a video with lots of footage of a Tiny Whoop with the strobe installed-

Feel free to grab a jellyring anywhere else and try this, just make sure it's the kind that uses 3 of the tiny batteries normally. I'm not trying to make any money on this, but because of the fees involved with running an online store and the time it took to cut wires and bag em up, I've gotta charge three bucks. The jelly rings are cheap on amazon and ebay, you just gotta by a bunch.