1 Tiny Whoop Upgrade Kit

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      Want to grab your own RTF or BNF Inductrix at your local hobby shop or online? Here's everything else you need to build your Tiny Whoop at home. This kit includes the famous Tiny Whoop Race Edition motors, one amazing 205mah 1s mylipo battery, a 10° camera mount and your choice of the two best FPV setups out there for the Tiny Whoop - The FX805 with flexible antenna mast and circular polarized antenna for clearer images, or the more durable FX805 "Stinger Cam" with linear polarized dipole whip antenna. We'll also throw in some genuine Tiny Whoop stickers. 

     This is a great option if we're out of stock on the ready to fly Tiny Whoop TW1s - it's been impossible to keep up with demand for this excellent aircraft! The build is easier than you would think, and I made a real handy video to walk you thru the process and give you guys the pro tips. Here's that now-famous video:

The only thing not covered in the video is installation of the camera mount, which is very easy. Just remove three small screws and thread the camera's wires thru the small hole on the side of the camera mount before soldering the camera to the flight controller. I swear, it's easy.


If you have any questions, our excellent facebook community is eager to help with any build questions, and so am I! Check out the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tinywhoop/


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