Tiny Whoover Micro Drifter Hovercraft Kit V2

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Tiny Whoover is HERE! They're a BLAST.

Tiny Whoover is a small hovercraft using almost all Tiny Whoop components - same motors, same batteries, same almost everything. I don't know how to describe it, but it's SO MUCH FUN. Its crazy, because a Tiny Whoop can already hover and drift on the floor, but the new learning curve and focus on drifting make this thing more fun for ground effect action. Please read the important info below before you build it!

Consider a Tiny Whoover Slip Pad to glide easily on carpet and other surfaces! Check it out!

Here's a kit to make your own! Shout out to my pal Cemal at Drone Junkie for cutting all these little foam frames!

We offer the kit in 4 colors and 2 kit options - 

Foam only is perfect if you're converting an old whoop to whoover. You'll get all the foam you need as well as 3 motor mounts (one extra). To complete the kit you'll need FC, Pigtail, Battery, Motors, FPV setup, props, and 2 ducts from an old whoop frame (optional). 

The Full Kit includes everything you need except a battery charger, goggles and transmitter. It's the entire aircraft - 3 sets of colored translucent props, 4 Race Edition Motors (slower motors are best for the Whoover), half of a cockroach frame, stock flight controller, Power Whoop pigtail, MyLipo 205mah battery with PW connector, the foam frame, 3 motor mounts (one spare), fx900tw FPV camera combo with a camera mount, and of course Tiny Whoop stickers! (all orders get extra stickers and candy)! You'll still need a little glue (I use welder or hot glue). 




DO NOT USE THE (shorter) CAMERA PIGTAIL ATTACHED TO THE FLIGHT CONTROLLER! I cut them both off, use the included battery pigtail, and direct solder the camera combo. For some really stupid reason these FCs come with backwards polarity on the camera pigtail. 

Motors are situated just like a Tiny Whoop but plugged into the board differently. Motors with red and blue wires are front right and rear left, while motors with black and white wires are front left and rear right - BUT the two rear motors are plugged into opposite plugs, like the pictures below. 

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