Tiny Whoop TWB BeeBrain BNF Aircraft with 2 Batteries

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   The Tiny Whoop TWB is the ultimate souped-up acro-ready micro quad. With the BeeBrain installed and Insane motors on board this baby has a TON of power and opens the door to urban building dives, indoor flips and rolls, and all the micro acro you've been dreaming of. 
   Choose between Taranis-compatible or Spektrum-compatible versions, as well as between circularpolarized or dipole antenna types. When you get your TWB you'll have to set it up quickly using the betaflight configurator, but I have an easy tutorial video here that walks you thru the process.
***This flight controller will likely require some tuning to fly just how you like it.  If you are not familiar with this process, you may want to consider the standard Tiny Whoop TW1 kit***
**A charger is not included, so please make sure you have a charger or parallel board to charge via a standard LiPo charger.**
BeeBrain V1 Flight Controller
Full Cleanflight/Betaflight compatibility on a STM32 F103 Naze32 style processor. It uses a F1 processor instead of F3 due to the lighter weight and less complexity of the F1 design. Fully programmable through Cleanflight & Betalfight using the onboard USB port! Tune all the parameters, PID's, and rates to your perfect settings! Tuned to give you that locked in feeling you get with standard race quads.
Insane Motors
At 19000kv these are the absolute fastest motors you can get in this size. The punchouts will make your stomach drop. All this extra power is a huge help when pulling out of a steep dive or catching a complex acrobatic maneuver. 
 Reinforced Airframe

We personally reinforce the 12 struts that attach the ducts to the motor mount. This is by far the weakest part of this frame and this simple reinforcement will make it last a lot longer.


FX798T FPV Setup

This 600tvl Camera produces beautiful colors in daylight and handles low light better than any other micro fpv setup I've found. Choose between a right-hand circular polarized antenna or a simple but slightly more durable dipole antenna. The vtx is 25mw.



Upgraded Battery Pigtail

As with all BeeBrains this aircraft has an upgraded micro jst battery pigtail for much better energy transfer.


Additional PW Battery Pigtail

For those of you using the PW connector batteries, I'm including a free PW pigtail you can solder onto your board in addition to the current micro jst pigtail or as a replacement.

10° Camera Mount installed

This is the perfect angle for both fast-forward flight as well as slow manuvering thru dense treetops. It is still low enough to look down between the ducts to drop thru small slots or gaps.


Free Tiny Whoop Lipo Checker

This free Tiny Whoop Lipo Checker can be used to check either micro jst connector batteries or PW connector batteries. To check PW connectors just remove the adapter.

Two Batteries

This aircraft includes 2 Mylipo 205mah 1s batteries, the long-time standard for Tiny Whoop batteries. For those wanting to use their PW connector batteries, I'm including a free PW pigtail you can solder on as a replacement to the micro jst connector or in addition to is to use either battery connector.







A Note About Micro Acro Flight

Acro flight on the micro level feels different than acro flight in a miniquad. These are the most powerful 6mm motors you can get, but they do not have the power of the much larger brushless motors. In the steep dives in the video above, you'll notice I ease out of the dive gently rather than just try to stop on a dime. Flips and rolls can be caught in a hover but will flow and feel much better if caught in forward movement. It's a different kind of finesse than miniquad pilots are used to but it's at least as much fun in my opinion. Flight times will be shorter than what you're used to too - around 2 to 3 minutes with the standard 205mah battery - but it's worth the trade for the amazing performance. You're gonna love it!

 About the price - You could buy parts to make this build for about $145 bucks. I highly encourage it! This option is for those that want a precision-built aircraft that's ready to set up and bind. My charge for building each one is 35 bucks which feels fair to me. I put well over 35 bucks worth of love into each one!


 To get the most out of these motors I recommend you break them in by hovering for 10 minutes of flight time. Then go nuts.

Note: This has a high-quality Spektrum DSM2 or FrSky S.Bus compatible receiver. It is not an official Spektrum or FrSky receiver. The Spektrum and DSM2 brands are trademarks of Horizon Hobbies, USA. The FrSky and Taranis brands are trademarks of FrSky Electronics co.


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