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!!Works with SPEKTRUM Transmitters only!! 

The TWR is the most fun and nimble micro Tiny Whoop race quad! This kits ingredients include: a cockroach frame, Special Sauce motors, an Inductrix FPV flight controller, and the FX900TW with 10°, 20°, and 30° mounts, and then literally we top it off with a Stingray canopy. To power this wicked sack of awesomeness we have included the POWER WHOOP pigtail connector and a TINY WHOOP 255 HV mylipo.  Just in case you are using a micro JST we have also included the upgraded Micro JST pigtail. SO... if you are the DIY type, this is the perfect kit for you to build and then get your Whoop on!

P.S. we also include an array of colored TINY WHOOP duct stickers to pimp your ride!!!


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