TW Concert Lighter - BT2.0

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We got a limited batch of thesehand-soldered TW Concert Lighters! Just plug in a BT2.0 battery in and never worry about your light going out while showing love to your favorite musician or Tiny Whoop pilot! Unless the battery runs out.

Music got ya feelin a bit emotional? just plug one in, raise it over your head and sway slowley side to side while you're REALLY feeling the jams. These are great cuz they're not real lighters, so you can't burn anything down!

They are animated so it looks like a flickering flame you can see the animation in this video:

Things to note:

A. Not a real lighter! Trick your friends!

2. Not really related to Tiny Whoop

D. If you find me (Jesse) at an event i might give you a freebie if ya ask nice!