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Thanks so much for stopping by my store!

I'm Jesse Perkins, the creator of the Tiny Whoop project. I created the first Tiny Whoop in 2015 with some friends, then decided to launch the Youtube channel. Popularity started to grow super fast, so after lots of requests I opened the retail store at TinyWhoop.com in 2016. It's been my full time dream job ever since! 

 I do my best to run my store as if I was one of your neighbors with a storefront in your town. I care deeply about the growing community I've created and cultivated for so many years with help of community leaders around the world. I hope I have a chance to proove it to you!

My store carries a lot of craft, small-batch products made by the community, as well as lots of products we create or dye here at Tiny Whoop HQ.  We're consistently the lowest retail prices in the country. We have the world's greatest and most diverse collections of Whoop Motors, LEDs, Props, Frames, and Whoop-related products. I'm proud to have friendships with vendors, innovators, influencers and other geniuses around the world and I will continue to leverage them for the community! 

Your patronage at this store supports my new family, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you so so much! I am the luckiest guy in the world. 

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