Flywoo Explorer 1S 750mAh HV V2 Battery (4Pcs) - A30 connector

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About this product

Flywoo Explorer 750mAh 1S HV V2 battery is designed to handle up to 15A of continuous current while providing a reliable connection with minimal resistance. The A30 High Current Connectors are engineered for maximum performance.


  • A30 Connector
  • 750mAh


  • Configuration: 1S1P / 4.35V / 1 Cell
  • Wire Gauge: 20AWG Silicone Wire
  • Minimum Capacity: 750mAh
  • Discharge Rate: 80C
  • Discharge Plug: A30
  • Weight: 14g


  • 4x Flywoo Explorer 750mAh 1S HV V2 LiPo Battery - A30