Tiny Whoop 1S Discharger - PW/JST2.0 now including a BT2.0 Adapter

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The Tiny Whoop discharger was originally created back in 2017 after the release of the high voltage 1s lipos. We learned that the better you can treat your batteries the longer they will serve us. Even the best batteries in the world can't be left at full charge with out some sort of power loss and this ultimately is the reason most Tiny Whoop batteries die. Any drone pilot or battery expert will tell you - store your batteries at a storage charge, not fully charged nor completely empty.

That is why we originally created the Tiny Whoop Discharger. If you charge a bunch of packs for a flight session or a race and you don't end up flying them all, pop one of these babies on and let it slowly discharge your battery back to a safe storage charge. Over the course of a couple hours it will bleed your battery down to 3.79-3.80v, then enter a very, very slow trickle discharge that would take years. 

This is the only 1s battery discharger in existence. Other companies have thought about copying this design but it works too well. It increases the life span of batteries to the point where companies actually lose money because people don't buy batteries as often as they would without the discharger.

These dischargers also function as a quick battery checker - when you plug the discharger on to your battery if the blue light stays solid for a moment, your battery voltage is over 4.15v and you're ready to fly! Or just leave it plugged in to the battery and watch the blue LED enter a breathing pattern until it reaches 3.8v, at which time the LED will turn off. 

This discharger is meant for batteries with the PW/JST2.0 connector, but we now include a BT2.0 adapter so you can discharge all of your batteries.

Never, ever charge or discharge any Lipo battery unattended. Always closely monitor all charging and discharging batteries. 

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