Tiny Whoop 2S 95C 7.6V HV - 450mAh

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The Tiny Whoop 2S series batteries use the world's finest premium folded cells, but have several additional important advantages. 

Each of these packs weighs a mere 23.8187g

Way lighter than anything comparable.

They're here to change the game, and here's why:


  • Pigtail instead of a heavy cap! When you swap the plastic cap for a very short pigtail you eliminate not just the weight of the plastic, but also tons of silicone they fill the cap with! This also allows you to reduce the aircraft pigtail and save even more weight!
  • The new BT3.0 connector allows users to treat their batteries just like 1S Tiny Whoop batteries! The discharge cable is uniquely combined with the balance charging cable, so you don't have to learn about balance charging or make additional connections to be as safe as possible. Just plug it in and charge. This also means that this battery does not have to carry the additional weight of a balance cable! GENIUS!
  • BT3.0 also means considerably more connectivity compared to a BT2.0, but less weight than XT30. The new connector was created to balance 2s power needs with ultra-lightweight hardware. The new larger 1.3mm pins are the solution.
  • Compatable with TONS of frames - see below

This battery weighs 3.1 grams lighter than the BetaFPV version! That's huge!

Mobula 8 rocking the new TW2S! Perfect Fit.


These 450Packs fit nicely in the Mobula 7 V4 frames (with a very simple modification, see below), but also fit snugly into the Beta75x V2 frames and the Beta75X frame. They are also a great fit for the Meteor 85 and the Mobula 8 frame!

 Here's the minor mod to make this battery fit in the Mob7 V4 Frames! Just use a clipper to nip these two little struts off the bottom of the frame!

The major downside is the current status of chargers for this new plug. In just a few weeks there will be a new charger by ViFly that is compatible with BT3.0, but for now I can offer this adapter cable and this simple charger. Help is on the way!

Weight: 23.8187g (WAY lighter than anything comparable!)

We also carry this battery in a 300mAh version.

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