Stoop Canopy by Danny Ace

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The Stoop canopy was designed by community member Danny Ace and is designed to fit the pinch camera. These designs are Danny's artistic and elegant take on the Tiny Whoop canopy, inspired in part by the Stingray or Razer design by Ben Shepard. The Stoop Canopy was originally designed around the old FX965TW combo and low mounts. It's a different design of the Swoop but uses similar features to help it keep its rigidity.

Danny figured out that the Mobula6 Canopy with the RunCam Nano 3 weighs an average of 2.5 grams. His goal was to make a canopy that can carry a Pinch camera for the same weight and he has accomplished just that. The included camera mount also works on a variety of other cameras by simply squishing the lens thru the flexible hole! Mr. Ace you're a genius!

Weight of a Mobua6 canopy with RunCam Nano 3

Weight of the Stoop Canopy with Pinch Camera and Pinch Strap

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