Weensy Sparkly Bowtie - VIP EDITION

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  • $10.00

This bowtie is very similar to the original Weensy Sparkly Bowtie with a few very important differences.

First of all goodness sakes just look at that price. Omg! Ten buckeroos for a cheap 5mm Chinese bowtie?! Outrageous! Wow Jesse is really selling out this time huh guys?! It's like ever since he became a daddy all he cares about is money.

Secondly you'll notice immediately that the overall vibe of this bowtie is one of top-tier high-fashion. It has an unmistakeably elegant aura. It screams VIP. So maybe it's not for you idk.

Finally, this bowtie weighs a lot less than the others, showing is 0.0269 on the TW Milligram Scale as opposed to the 0.434g weight of the other lightweight TW bowties. What bowtie afficionado wouldn't throw down hard cash to save 000.0165 grams of weight? Wake up sheeple weight matters.

Ya know, I gotta say it really means something to me that you're still reading the descriptions of silly Whoop costume products like this one. Kinda feels like we've been hanging out huh? Is it just me? When I think about it, it's obvious that deep down you truly are a VIP. You're SO VIP it's like this epic high-brow bowtie was MADE for you. I bet you're about to buy several, but I'll tell ya what I wanna give you one for free. If you add the comment "VIPBOWTIE" to the end of your (neighborly?) note (in the notes section) at checkout I will personally sneak over to the TW shipping department and slip one into your order. Bros for life?!? Be careful, this tiny item will be lose in the box and might wind up in packaging materials or under the fold of a box. Ye must dig for burried treasure ;)

It may seem crazy generous of me to give these gorgeous expensive bowties out to peeps like you, but what can I say, some people are just different, I guess I was born this way.