702 27000kv 1mm Shaft Tiny Whoop Onesies Brushless Motors - Positronic Limited Edition - Callisto Inspired

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This is the standard 1.0mm shaft size! If you want the beefier 1.50mm version click HERE!

Inspired by the unbelievable artistic freestyle flights of Callisto, these are a limited edition dark-grey and ocean-blue version of the classic Tiny Whoop 702 27000kv Onesie!

You might have seen Callisto flying this motor on all the IGOW season 4 trick description videos. This motor is perfect for his variety of tight and precise acro freestyle but may be slightly too fast for the top-tier pilots to spend two minutes on a racecourse. Initially, we created the 702 26000kv to be the fastest motor that could keep a high speed for 2 minutes using our TW 300mah battery, and this 27000 version is just slightly faster, to provide a bit more toss and a bit more catch in freestyle maneuvers.