702 36000kv Tiny Whoop Onesies Brushless Motors - Firefly Limited Edition

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**please note- these motors are extremely high speed. They may not last as long as other motors, and although our testing has shown no difference in durability compared to other 702s, we do not recommend this product. 

Introducing the FIREFLY 702s by Tiny Whoop! I cannot believe we are releasing a motor this fast. I never would have predicted tinywhoop.com would make a motor that is 36000kv.  They will likely give you the shortest flight times of any motor I sell. 

Why would I want a motor like this? I guess the short answer is: for UTT (and crazy people).

In universal time trial (UTT) competitions like RaceGOW pilots are looking to string three extremely short fast laps together. Two minute flight times are not as important as they are in standard Tiny Whoop races. This motor was created to dump battery power into a shorter, less efficient flight that is simply faster. 

When I first sent these motors to the Tiny Whoop World Champion TDog he said "they're my favorite motor, they're just what I've been looking for: a motor that is too fast.”

I have also always wanted a green motor! I made this motor with two shades of emerald green-anodized one-piece bells, with a slightly lighter shade of green on the inner trim. The two green shades came out very similar, but the subtlety adds to their beauty. 

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