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The Prop Popper is here!

We all know how important tight props are, but also how difficult they can be to remove. This little tool make's it easy! 
The star of the show is the tiny tapered fork that gently slides between the prop and the motor bell. A lot of the time this is enough to loosen the prop from the shaft, but for propellers that have a hole thru the top, you can use the tiny plunger to push the motor shaft down and pop the prop right off!  When it comes to a stubborn prop, there's no more satisfying feeling. 

At the time of this product's release, almost all popular props have the hold that goes thru the middle, but have a quick look at your favorite props to double check. But like i say, the tapered fork is the star of the show!

Here's a list of props with holes - (Thanks Skittles!)

Gemfan 31mm 2, 3, and 4 blade props, HQProp V2 31mm 3 and 4 blade, NBD Azi 31mm 3 and 4 blade, NBD Venom V2 30mm Biblade, and maybe others :)

I'm always proud to carry smaller-scale artisinal products like this. This awesome innovation was invented, designed, printed and build by WinsonFPV. On behalf of the entire community, thank you WinsonFPV!!!

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