Tiny Whoop Nano


Thanks for being one of the first people to try the new Tiny Whoop Nano!!! This place has tons of information, and a video i made just for peeps that bought the TWN :)

First, join the new facebook group real quick:


Here's the Product Manual, with all the info! 


CLICK THIS VIDEO! You haven't seen this one yet!


Even if you bought it somewhere else i'm happy to help with any questions about the Tiny Whoop Nano! Toss me an email at orders@tinywhoop.com!

The Bind Button:

Right here! gently tucked under the edge of the Unify Nano. Use a toothpick or something non-conductive to press it while plugging in a battery to initiate binding!

INSTRUCTIONAL SET UP VIDEO WILL BE RIGHT HERE IN A COUPLE HOURS! in the meantime here's a guide to setting up your channels on your FRSKY Transmitter

Here's the product manual:


 You guys, PLEASE reach out to me on facebook or email (orders@tinywhoop.com) if you have any questions about the Nano! I would love to meet you guys and talk about the aircraft with ya!