4-LED Harness - 1206 LEDs

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The 4-LED harness is by far the easiest way to add 4 tiny superbright LEDs to your Tiny Whoop! Now in all colors and several beautiful combinations of colors!

     With the ultra-light built in resistor, you can solder these 4 (1.2x0.6mm) LEDs to your whoop by connecting one positive and one negative wire directly to the (1S) main power (where your battery pigtail and your camera are soldered to the main board). Then it's just a matter of using some Welder glue to attach the LED to the frame. Directions below!

I've also extented the wires a bit, so it's now possible to have all four LEDs on the farthest outside point on the duct, or anything else you can think of! The total weight of this harness is 0.41g

It looks amazing in the air. not bad for 0.54

I've installed a TON of these LEDs and this is the easiest way to reliably install them:

       I smear a tiny amount of Welder Glue on the back of the LED and a tiny amount on the frame or canopy where I want the LED to be. Then I wait about 60 seconds while the Welder gets super tacky. I then lightly place the LED to the frame and use scotch tape to hold it there by wrapping the tape around the duct or canopy. It'll dry faster if the tape is holding the LED in place but not blocking all airflow to the glue. After a few hours the tape can be gently pulled away. I usually add a little more Welder at this point, smearing it along wherever the wires are run. Now your LEDs are pretty much never going to come off, and they'll withstand any crash.

Here's a shot of me using tape to hold the LED in place while Welder dries:

BE CAREFUL if you're installing these lets on carbon fiber or electronic components. There is an area on the back where the positive and negative could bridge against something conductive. If you're worried about it, just let some Welder dry on the back of each LED and on any silver-colored wire. 

 We've got lots of colors of LEDs, including the new Aircraft Navigation lights, which has two white lights for the rear of the aircraft and blinking red and green LEDs for the front two ducts. The Aircraft Nav variant weights a little more due to the flash modules, right around 0.7165g

 Check out the video right HERE

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