Beta65 Pro 1S Brushless Tiny Whoop Frame

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This frame has been Extinct for years, but was the original brushless frame made by BetaFPV. They simply do not break. All future versions of this frame weighed slightly less but are also less durable. The pilots that fly this frame know it is unbreakable. 

Years after this infamous frame was extinct I (Jesse) found a large quantity that somehow never got put in stock! I'm proud to release this frame for the final time, to my knowledge this is 100% of the remaining original Beta65 Pro frames on the planet.  I highly recommend this frame for freestyle pilots. In my opinion its the perfect frame for IGOW competitors.

Most pilots make a small modification to the bottom of this frame, curring off the bottom battery tray and modifying the frame to fit the battery a bit higher, directly between the motors. It's easy to do. If you raise the battery you may have to flip your FC over to keep the USB from running into the battery. 

Here's another option for those interested - the 2s version, which is also capable of being modified in the same way for 1s flight. 


Weight without modification: 3.7031g

Weight after an easy mod to raise the battery and cut off duct nubs: 3.5048g

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