Blinky Ring LED strobe light for Tiny Whoop - OG DIY LED Mod

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Ladies and Gentlemen I present the LED that made you the coolest pilot at the Whoop race in 2016! 

This item is an ADD-ON product! You can't buy this product alone:)


 We discovered early on that you can take apart one of these little jelly LED rings and wire it up to add some serious bling to your aircraft! It will only weigh you down about 0.9g when all is said and done. If you go on amazon you can also find versions tha strobe white only, red only, or other unique iterations. I promise I won't be offended if you go buy some jelly rings elsewhere!

This product is a DIY project in itself - all you'll get is a raw, jelly LED ring. You'll have to take it apart and wire it up like the video describes. The perfect ultralight wire is Whoop Wire, but you can use any ol wire hanging around! Please watch the above video very closely. Here are some pics that might help too:


 Contents - Straight up one jelly ring! that's it! you'll need wires and sold soldering skills! You'll get a random color, but if you have a request for some reason let me know in the notes section at check out and i'll try to hook ya up!