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Introducing The World's Finest Prop Popper Clone!

This high-end Tiny Whoop propeller removal tool is the finest quality prop-popper style tool currently available. Brandon Johnson (Inventor of the Original Prop Popper) and I (Jesse Perkins) have befriended the creator of this tool and worked together to make this unique design, which is optimized for 65 and 75mm Tiny Whoops. Check this thing out:

Protective Case Included!

Whether or not it's in the photo your Popper will include an excellent TPU cover so you can toss it in your bag! Insert 'just-the-tip' joke here.

A Fork With No Rival.

This popper is made with a fork that is cut from a single piece of metal alloy, unlike all other similar tools that use bent (and ground) steal. Because of this advantage the fork can be shaped perfectly for the job. Look closely at the design:

Each tiny angle was chosen with the principles of mechanics in mind.  No bent-metal fork can approach this level of accuracy, performance and durability.

Why has this never been done before? Well, to be honest, this is a level of engineering beyond the reach of a market the size of micro fpv, but the high price of producing this specialized fork is also a considerable factor. You will not see another fork this thin and strong. How thin? 0.4mm at the tip. You'll be amazed.


The pin is also specially machined out of a single piece of the same metal alloy in an effort to maximize durability and precision at any cost.  

Customizable Feel

In addition to the pre-installed spring, each tool will also include three additional springs with varying strength, allowing for a customizable feel of using the tool. The spring on this tool is mostly concealed, rather than exposed. 

Spacers Make Prop-Swapping a Snap!

Each tool will also include two small spacers, meant to help you instal your prop in a way that is easier to remove. The tiny gap this spacer creates makes it easy to insert the fork when removing the prop in the future. 

I (Jesse) chose not to use these spacers, as I like my props to be snugly seated against the motors. I never force props all the way down, but instead gently slide them into place while slightly twisting them. I have no gap for this tool's ultra-thin fork to slip under, but I have never had a problem gently pushing this fork below the prop before popping. 

BONUS: Makes a little TW imprint on your thumb!

If you pop a prop and your thumb doesn't read TW, you might be using a knock-off!

Why does it matter? 

Well, your purchase of this product will directly benefit Brandon Johnson (Inventor of the original Prop Popper) as part of our campaign to do as much as possible to support the inventors and innovators in our community. Clones will always happen, but supporting (rather than stifling) the community creators (at the cost of considerable profits) will serve our community more than ripping someone off, valuing profits over community benefit, and trust between friends. Please tell your innovator friends that wants to be their friend and treat them fairly, no matter how successful a project becomes! Contact our team at 

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