Tiny Whoop - 1S 205mAh HV Battery - Micro JST connector

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***Max 2 lipo batteries per order outside US**

This is the Micro JST connector version of this product. if you use a PW pigtail, be sure to grab the PowerWhoop version!


I worked with Boris at mylipo.de to develop this true HV 1s Tiny Whoop battery! This battery is lighter than the usual 205mah battery, and can be charged to either standard voltage (4.2v, 205mah) or high voltage (4.35v, 230ish mah). To my knowledge this is the only true high-voltage pack for the Tiny Whoop. Lots of companies out there just label standard batteries with a new high voltage sticker- but this is newly developed chemistry for a longer lifetime and safer charging situation. This battery will give you higher rpms (more power) and a considerably longer flight time. 

It's time to get your whoop on!

Weight: 5.6g


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