Custom Motor Wire Colors

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For the hardcore customizers, i just really wanted to be the guy that provides this level of custom color options for your aircraft!

If you fly any of the Tiny Whoop Motors you'll notice that i've had a little piece of PCB with solder pads included, so people can repaid motor wires or replace them in the case that they accidentally got a FC that uses some other non-standard motor plug. That makes it (somewhat) easy to replace your motor wires with some of these custom colors! 

It's a bit of a tight solder job, but if you've got a steady hand I bet you can do it! If not shout out in the Tiny Whoop facebook group and I bet there's a local in your area that can help you wear these beautiful colored motor wires! 

Each set comes with FIVE motor wires, just in case you need an extra :)

They are the standard motor plugs, so they fit every board out there except the newbeedrone boards, which use a proprietary plug to try to keep you using their equipment.