EMAX 1210 31mm 4-Blade 1mm Shaft (2 Sets)

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These are some pretty interesting props. They are unique in terms of shape within the Tiny Whoop prop world, and I'm sure that for someone out there they're the perfect prop. 

They have a unique wing shape, and contain less mass in the outer wing compared to Gemfan props, so it can be assumed they will spin up a bit quicker than the Gemfan 4 Blade props. They also have a somewhat semetrical airfoil, similar to a 3D prop. I've wondered if these would be great props to test with 3D inverted flight, but I have not tested as of yet!

Therse props weigh approx. .35g each, 1.41g for a set of 4. They are 31mm (standard size for 65mm builds) and have a 1mm shaft size. They are sold in sets of 8 - 4CW and 4CCW!