HQ Prop 40mm 2-Blade 1.5mm Shaft - Grey

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These are the 40mm Biblades from HQ. Like all biblades they're quick to spin up and are fairly durable, made of polycarbonate. Beware that these props have a 1.5mm shaft size, so wont fit on any brushless motor that has a 1mm shaft. 

Propeller Diameter : 40mm    
Pitch : 1                              
Blades : 2
Material : Poly Carbonate        
Weight : 0.26g
Hub Diameter :5mm         
Hub Thickness : 5mm        
Shaft : 1.5mm 
Adaptor Rings : NO

2 x CW HQ Micro Whoop Prop 40MMX2 Grey 
2 x CCW Micro Whoop Prop 40MMX2 Grey