Lego LightSaber

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We found some sweet Lego Light Sabers that are powered by 5v USB. We are not exactly sure how to use these on your tiny whoop but I'm sure that some of you creative people in this awesome community will be able to figure out how.

It takes a little bit of handy work to break them down. Here's how:

  1. Carefully pry the 4 plastic tabs on the side of the USB plug off to open the plastic housing around the plug
  2. Gently pick/cut away the glue holding all the components in. Be careful pulling on the wires the glue can be a little stubborn to work with. I found it easiest to stretch the glue and then cut the strands to free it from the housing.
  3. With the pads showing you can see a resistor is soldered to one side and the plain wire is soldered to the other. The side with the resistor is the POSITIVE and the stand alone wire is the NEGATIVE. 

The wires are normally powered off of 5V but if you solder them to the battery lead on a 1s (4.2V) they work great.

These light sabers change color and you can choose between the Slow Flash and the Fast Flash. The chip that controls the color and the flashing speed is actually built into the "handle" of the Light Saber and still functions after the modification.