Meteor85 Brushless Whoop Quadcopter (2022)

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Meteor85 brushless whoop quadcopter, optimized weight, provides a smoother flight experience that's easier to control at high speed and easier on battery life as well. This new Meteor85 (2022) has been upgraded from its frame, canopy, props, battery, flight controller, and camera, offering pilots up to 7 mins flight time and stable flying for freestyle tricks. With the combination of those electronics and parts, it reaches the best balance between performance, weight, durability, and premium build design.

Bullet Point

  • A new era of 2S whoop, Meteor85 could fly real acro, like a larger quad, but is still safe enough, light enough, and durable enough to fly anywhere, especially suitable for racing.
  • New frame with the low profile of the battery slot, the drone's gravity center is reduced and improved the sense of compactness, perfectly enhancing the trust-to-weight ratio. It is durable and light enough with a weight of 43.85g, giving pilots a good balance of weight and a nice punch on a 2S battery.
  • Featuring an upgraded propulsion system and a larger capacity battery. Meteor85 uses GF 2015 2-Blade props with 1103 11000KV motors, which gives full play to the efficiency of the power. Combined with a 450mAh 2S battery, it can fly up to 7 mins flight time.
  • Built-in 2g ultralight weight Caddx Ant camera. This camera has a good performance for FPV whoop drones.
  • Adopt with injection molding technique, this canopy is 2.50g ultralight weight and is more durable, anti-ruin, and heat-resistant, providing good protection for the whoop drone.
  • Reserve solder pads for the external receivers with UART1 and UART2 on F4 1-2S 12A FC board. The SPI ELRS 2.4G and SPI Frsky version can be used as PNP quadcopter.


  • Weight: 43.85g (without battery)
  • FC: F4 1S 12A FC
  • Motors: 1103 11000KV with connector
  • Props: Gemfan 2015 2-Blade Propellers
  • Camera*: Caddx Ant Camera or RunCam Nano4
  • Camera Adjustable Angle: 0-45°
  • Frame: Meteor85 Brushless Whoop Frame
  • Canopy: Micro Canopy for HD Camera
  • Receiver Option: ELRS 2.4G, SPI Frsky
  • VTX: M03 25-350mW VTX
  • Battery: 450mAh 2S Battery
  • Flight time: 7 mins

Note: The two versions of the camera will be shipped randomly.

    Video for Meteor85 (2021)

    Meteor Series

    This is the new Meteor85 Analog VTX version with a new design frame that features a low profile of battery slot height, perfect for a 2S 450mAh battery, and comes with a new micro canopy for good airflow to decrease heat, and a new F4 1S 12A flight controller, supporting SPI ELRS 2.4G, and SPI Frsky. The SPI ELRS 2.4G and SPI Frsky versions also support external receiver and so can be used as PNP. The propulsion system, upgraded by adopting GF 2015 2-blade props with 1103 11000KV motors becomes more powerful and maneuverable for freestyle tricks. For pilots who want to fly a 2S HD whoop drone, Meteor85 HD digital VTX is a good choice.

    Meteor85 (2022) Meteor85 (2021)
    FC&ESC F4 1-2S 12A FC (2022) F4 1-2S 12A FC
    VTX M03 Analog VTX Built-in 25mW (Frsky), M03 (ELRS)
    Camera Caddx Ant Camera or RunCam Nano 4  C02 (Frsky), Caddx Ant (ELRS)
    Props Gemfan 2015 2-Blade Gemfan 2020 4-Blade
    Canopy New micro canopy Canopy for micro camera
    Frame New Meteor85 frame Beta85X Whoop Frame 
    Battery 450mAh 2S battery 300mAh 2S battery
    Tilt 0°-45° 30°
    Flight time 7 mins (stable flying) 3 mins

    BETAFPV upgraded all Meteor Series quadcopters like Meteor65, Meteor65 Pro, Meteor 75, and Meteor85 whoop quadcopters, through the new flight controller, motors, camera, frame, canopy, etc, to provide the best whoop drones for pilots.

      Flight Controller

      The latest F4 1-2S 12A flight controllers are applied to all BNF versions of Meteor85. Both SPI ELRS 2.4G and SPI Frsky can be used as PNP due to extra solder pads for the external receiver. The SPI Frsky version also can be switched to the Futaba SFHSS protocol through the Betaflight configurator. The ESC on the new board powered by BB51 hardware comes with Bluejay 48k ESC firmware, allowing 1103 11000KV motors to give full play to the efficiency of power. We update the gyro to BOSH BMI270 for better performance and stability since the new F4 1-2S 12A FC.

        Meteor85 (SPI ELRS 2.4G) Meteor85 (SPI Frsky)
      FC Inside F4 1-2S 12A FC (SPI ELRS 2.4G) F4 1-2S 12A FC (SPI Frsky)
      Gyro BMI270 BMI270
      FC Firmware BETAFPVF411SX1280 BETAFPVF411RX

      Note: F4 1-2S 12A AIO SPI ELRS 2.4G comes with the default firmware betaflight_4.3.1_BETAFPVF4SX1280, which supports ELRS V2.0. ONLY the Betaflight firmware 4.3.0 and up start to support this BMI270 gyro. Please check the below link to download the firmware.

      Download the firmware and CLI dump file for the F4 1-2S 12A FC ELRS or Frsky.

      Motors & Propellers

      Equipped with 1103 11000KV Brushless Motors and Gemfan 2015 2-blade props. 1103 motors are designed for 2S quadcopters with incredible power, smooth and quiet operation, and light enough. Meteor adopts 2015 2-blade props, which are lighter and durable enough, offering pilots a high-efficiency flight experience.

      New Design for Frame and Canopy

      The new Meteor85 whoop frame features a low profile of battery slot for a better trust-to-weight ratio and is perfect for BETAFPV 450mAh 2S battery. This design makes Meteor85 free from the battery strap and can protect the battery while the drone is landing. Using BETAFPV Micro Canopy for HD Camera, this canopy sports a hollow-out design, it allows more air to flow, greatly reducing the influence of heat on electronic parts. It can be also used for M03 Analog VTX. With an improvement in trust-to-weight ratio, pilots can fly real acro and enjoy the convenience, safety, and speed of a whoop-sized frame.

      Camera & VTX

      A customized Ant micro analog FPV camera is also provided on Meteor85 Brushless Whoop Quadcopter, which brings high-quality video and low RF interference. In addition, M03 25-350mW VTX is a high-quality 5.8GHz VTX including 25mW, 100mW, 200mW and 350mW. With 350mW output power, pilots can fly drones up to 600 meters away to explore more possibilities and fun.

      Similar to the customized Ant micro analog FPV camera, the RunCam Nano 4 is equipped with the M03 25-350mW VTX, It features a high-resolution 1/3" CMOS sensor. It supports a wide dynamic range (WDR), ensuring that both bright and dark areas are well-balanced, making it easier to navigate through diverse lighting conditions, and with its low latency, it provides real-time video transmission for an immersive flying experience. 

      Props out

      The Meteor85 drone comes with "props out" in default. Why do we need "props out" direction?

      Default Betaflight props direction, quadcopter dips, and "washes out" in hard corners. With reversed props or "props out", no more dipping even in hardest cornering.

      Recommend Parts

      • Radio Transmitter: LiteRadio 3 Pro, LiteRadio 3, LiteRadio 2 SE
      • Goggles: VR03 FPV Goggles, VR02 FPV Goggles
      • Battery: 450mAh 2S Battery
      • Props: Gemfan 2015 2-Blade Propellers
      • Frame: Meteor85 Brushless Whoop Frame
      • Canopy: Micro Canopy for HD Camera
      • Sticker: BETAFPV Waterslide Decals
      • Screws: Meteor Series Motor Fixing Screws Pack (40PCS)


      • Download the firmware and CLI dump file for Meteor85 (2022) ELRS or Frsky.
      • ExpressLRS is the most popular radio link in 2021. ExpressLRS aims to achieve the best possible link performance in both speeds, latency, and range. Know more about the ExpressLRS project on Github or join the discussion in the Facebook Group.


      • 1 * Meteor85 Brushless Whoop Quadcopter (2022) ELRS 2.4G or SPI Frsky
      • 1 * 450mAh 2S 45C Battery
      • 1 * Type-C to SH1.0 Adapter
      • 1 * SH1.0 Cable
      • 3 * Decorative Parts
      • 4 * Gemfan 2015 2-Blade Propellers
      • 1 * Pack of Screws
      • 1 * User Manual